Commercial floors are suitable for homes too!

Commercial flooring has always been very strong and durable but it was not suitable for homes because of the lack of designs to choose from. Now, however, commercial floors are also available in many designs and colors, people begin to consider using them for their own homes. By installing commercial floors in residential floors should last a lot longer to die for the sustainability of them. This allows people to have many levels of longer duration which means they do not have to worry about replacing them so often. Continue reading

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Secure your home with resistant shutters before Christmas!

It is time to prepare and equip for holiday season. Timber Shades shutters and blinds offers special discounts to enjoy the shutters and blinds in Sydney, Central Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Caloundra To Cooloola Coast.

Ideal to keep out the cold, to feel safe, to protect the eyes of others … without opening windows, shutters known and recognised as the essential closure. Continue reading

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Greenwall mini garden

Plant vegetables, herbs, lettuce, strawberries, flowers vertically.

With the new plant wall system, the attractive idea of a vertical garden with little space is easy. As simple as planting in window boxes, without complicated effort for irrigation and maintenance.

The green wall vertical garden system consists of individual plant containers and one or more metal frame for suspending the trays above the other. Plant height and width of the wall is therefore completely arbitrary. Continue reading

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Renovating a Bathroom DIY – Removing and Replacing Wall Tile

Removing wall tiles can be time consuming process and to complete this task you need proper tools.

Bathroom Renovation (Building and Renovation consultant in Brisbane)

First stage: Removing the wall tiles.

All tiles and the remains of mortar must be removed before embarking on the installation of new tiles. You could use a firm putty knife or a chisel to crush and scrape the grout, but if you have a electric tool with a small grinding wheel, the job will be much easier. Continue reading

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Services Provided

We manage all stages of the construction process to ensure that your project is built to the highest quality standards so you receive the best value. Beginning with the design phase of a project through construction and delivery you can count on our expertise. Continue reading

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